Interior Decorating

Deodorizing, antibacterial type

Jolypate Deodorizing & Anti-bacterial JQ-201



Deodorizing and antibacterial effects for clea space support

Color : 54 colors

Pattern : 5 patterns

Application method :

app-1 app-2

Soft touch, heathconscious type

Jolypate Silky Palette JQ-20, JQ-55



Soft to the touch, interior environment

Color : 54 colors

Pattern : 22 patterns

Application method :

app-1 app-2 app-3

Fine finish wall type

Jolypate Italianart II



Expressive richness of a fine finish

Color :
Venice > 7 colors
Milan 9 > 15 colors

Pattern : 10 patterns

Application method :

app-1 app-3

Natural clay mixed type

Jolypate SODO



Deep texture and tone, authentic type utilizing natural clay Panel construction finish

Color : 9 colors

Pattern : 9 patterns

Application method :

app-1 app-2

High design and Translucency type

Jolypate Zero



High design type maximizing translucency of glass beads and textured feel 

Pattern : 9 patterns

Application method :

app-1 app-2